Manuel and Maria Villalobos


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About Manuel and Maria Villalobos

Representing the Waco and surrounding community homeowners and future homeowners: The Villalobos Homes Team is creative, enthusiastic, and knowledge is perfect for matching each client’s desires as well as skillfully featuring a home’s unique presence and character.

Maria was raised in a missionary family of 15, she learned the importance of hard work, determination, and attention to detail. Always been taught that whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your heart.

Manuel was raised in Mexico by a farmer who showed him the importance of a hard day's work and that your word and keeping true to your morals are the most invaluable commodity one can have. 

Manuel and Maria married in 2002, then started adding to their family. Then in 2016 they and their 3 children Alexander, Tatiana, and Isaiah moved from Illinois to San Antonio, then again in 2022 they moved to a small ranch outside of Waco. Looking to raise their children with southern hospitality. 

Both Manuel and Maria are very connected with their community volunteering in church, children’s sporting events, and local schools. The Villalobos Homes Team is looking to help contribute to our community and our neighbors.

From the moment they start working with you, until the moment you close on your home and beyond, they will never stop thinking about how to help you achieve the best experience possible. Give the Villalobos Homes Team call for all your real estate needs.